Mobile Chicane
February 18, 2002


Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill

World Sprint League - practice race

Watkins Glen (67) - Lotus-Ford 49 - default setup w/ 20 laps of fuel

I think I need some practice. I qualified around 9th and got caught up in a mess on the grid but I managed to escape without damage and with little time lost. I was up to around 5th before I spun exiting Big Bend somewhere around lap 4, and then I ran into the back up of a Ferrari a tad out of shape entering Big Bend a while later. The second to last lap was a two minute disaster. I spun entering the Outer Loop, then I somehow managed to spin on the next *straightaway*. I reset only to be put right in the path of someone entering Big Bend so I had to mash the gas to get my car off the track in time. After rejoining the track, I spun exiting Big Bend and nearly ran into another car rejoining the track near the entrance to the 90. I used the entrance to the pit road to escape that and then cut across the grass to rejoin the track and complete the lap which was timed at over a minute and fifty seconds. I ended up 8th, but I'm definitely going to be running some more practice laps before Tuesday's race, especially trying to get the entrance to the Outer Loop right by balancing the car with the throttle on.