Mobile Chicane
February 11, 2002


Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill

World Sprint League - practice race

Rouen - Lotus-Ford 49 - default setup w/ 10 laps of fuel

Once again, tonight was the WSL's practice race. This week's venue is Rouen, and for some reason, I never really liked the track. I was burning a cd, and then forgot to switch out the updated cars (which I was using when I tried to capture a GPL movie earlier on in the day - it didn't work) for the default ones (which I use whenever I play the game for better fps). I just barely made it in before practice was over and didn't turn a lap. Probably because of that, I was very cautious at the start being at the back of the grid, but I ended up going by a couple of cars on the grid. But I was very slow into the first turn and got rearended, and then I spun again trying to avoid a car between turns 3 and 4, and again on the backstraight. (As it turned out, I had forgotten to delete the car folders and then put in the default ones - I simply overwrote the car.dat files, which meant I still had the updated ones for the race. Didn't take much of an fps hit though, because I had turned off the car textures for even better fps. I think I will do this in the future because as long as I don't turn off the cockpit texture, I will get the updated dash and wheels and cockpit view without an fps hit. Although since I *had* turned off the cockpit texture tonight, I ended up getting solid blue side panels in my cockpit, lol.) I made up some ground on a car during the second lap and was just hanging around behind him, making sure I didn't wreck him and trying to figure out where I could pass. I was actually having fun, and I now don't know why I didn't like Rouen - I guess maybe because it's a longer track. Anyway, I was taking it easy. So of course, I spun. It was while exiting the corner right after Samson (I think that's the name of it). And then, just as I had reached about 90 degrees of rotation, when I knew I had lost it, I got discoed. It was my first disco since getting a cable modem.